Access to Seismological and Accelerometric Data

New Caledonian Seismology Network Data

New Caledonia’s seismology network data are public and can be accessed in real time as a SeedLink stream :
  • Either channel (SISMO broadband and accelerometric data) can be accessed as required with two samples :
    20 Hz (BHZ/BHN/BHE, and BNZ/BNN/BNE respectively),
    and 100 Hz (HHZ/HHN/HHE, and HNZ/HNN/HNE respectively);
  • The New Caledonian network bears the worldwide reference ND (NC was not available);
  • The SeedLink server is, on port 18000.
  • The available stations are ONTNC, KOUNC, OUENC, PINNC, MARNC, YATNC. Unfortunately LIFNC has been closed in November 2018.
For example, to obtain the Lifou Station stream, specify ND, LIFNC, the channel required, eg HHZ.. If the SeedLink client is slinktool, the command syntax is similar to :

[sysop@seiscomp ND]$ slinktool -S "ND_LIFNC:HHZ.D" -v slinktool
version: 4.1b-sc3 [] network socket opened
[] connected to: SeedLink v3.1 (2010.344) []
organization: IRD [ND_LIFNC] requesting next available data [] 1 station(s) accepted
2011.095.10:54:47.1, seq 13394451, Received Data blockette
2011.095.10:54:48.1, seq 13394456, Received Data blockette

Our data is accessible via Seisweb, a single Seisan-based consulting, downloading and processing interface. Once the Java applet is launched, simply choose the appropriate database in the applet scroll-down menu (top left).

Launch the Java applet (if the applet does not display, type:
NB: This could take some time!

The Java environment must be installed on your computer. If not, you can obtain it here.

Seisweb provides access to our current accelerometric and velocimetric data. It also provides access to Cavascope data as they are gradually integrated into our database. Please be patient if the data you are interested in are not yet available!

Data availability: cf seismology bulletins.

New Caledonian RAP data, like all other RAP data, are available on the RAP central site :
  • 1995-2006 RAP data
  • 2007 RAP data